what should I blog about?

In the course of this challenge you will learn a lot more things than you already know. You will do new courses, you will learn new tech, make projects and deal with errors. You can write about all of this. Write about your journey. Some examples:

  • When you complete a course. Write review of the course. What worked, what didn’t work? What was not covered.
  • When you are stuck with an error for hours and then finally you solve it then write about your debugging journey. Debugging blogs are quite interesting to read.
  • You learnt a new tech? Write a basic tutorial blog. Or write a review blog. Like how easy/difficult you felt React Native is coming from React.
  • Write about your project. Why did you decide to make this? What user problems are you trying to solve with this?
  • You now know 4 things in backend. Write a blog contrasting those: AWS Amplify vs. Express + Mongo vs. Apollo GraphQL vs. Firebase.
  • Hosting your own APIs. What are the common errors or mistakes which newbies make when trying to put something online? How did you solve them?

Blog ideas are everywhere. Pause for sometime and look for them. If you want more ideas, read blogs on or hashnode and see if you can write something similar based on your experience.