how to make sure that you get a mentor for a review?

There’s no 1:1 mentorship. You can use someone from the pool of mentors on need basis.

What are the needs?

  1. I completed one part of my challenge i.e. one project or one blog and I would like to get a review.
  2. I am starting with this idea and need some technical guidance on which language/library/framework to choose.

For case 2 make sure that a similar request is not raised. If there is a similar request, please join that discussion.

Now, for both the requests you can create an issue on the repo. We’ll use Github for everything.

You can go ahead and create the issue here:

Notes: Put a better header than ”need help”. Also, be as descriptive as possible. It will help the right mentor pick that issue. We have a mentor’s group where we’ll pick from the open issues.

Also be subscribed to Github updates.

Summary: Open issues on Github to get help. Use mentor’s time well. We only have finite supply.