Challenge Details

March 14, 2020


Simple, to create visibility. You get job offers when you have a good portfolio with projects and everything; and recruiters notice you. You create the portfolio, I will take care of the noticing part. We already have hiring partners signed up who’ll be interviewing the winners. Is there a better way to get placed than this?


#TeamTanayJobChallenge requires you to finish a minimum of

  • 5 projects,
  • 3 blogs and
  • 2 reviews on your projects.


To participate all you have to do is

  1. Read all the FAQs. It will tell you about most of the rules.
  2. Start your projects now.
  3. Put the code on GitHub publicly.
  4. Host the projects on Netlify or or any other tool of your choice.
  5. Create a portfolio to showcase your journey, 5 projects and 3 blogs.
  6. Get reviews from the mentors and put that on your portfolio too.
  7. Follow me on Instagram for updates about registration and for any problems related to the challenge create an issue here.