finalist data updation

June 25, 2020

This feels like just happened yesterday or few days before but we have crossed almost three months and the challenge ends on 30th June, 2020.

So first thing Kudos that you have achieved the milestone of 5.3.2, I am sure you all have learn and built new connections through the challenge.

Now how can one update his/her data if he has completed the challenge, so let me walk through the steps involved:

  • First you need to update your 5 projects, 3 blogs, and raise an issue for review and update your file by raising a PR, after that when PR gets accepted you need to follow:
  • Process remains the same you need to generate a PR but this time in a different directory which is finalist directory.
  • Change your directory name as ttjc@finalist@username .

    • image
  • Just copy your directory that is ttjc@username inside the finalist directory and simply have to do an Alohomora any Harry Potter fan?

    • i.e change the type to finalist inside your file
    • image
    • Add image-link as follows:
    • image
  • After that you are good to go!
  • Create a PR as you did before, boom you are done.
  • Note data inside of finalist should be same as before if you have to make changes do inside participant file first.
  • Once your PR gets accepted that should reflect here like:

    • image