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Namaste Industry Leader!🙏
Here you will find the information and steps to become a hiring partner at jobChallenge.

about jobChallenge💭

jobChallenge is a free and open program started by Tanay Pratap to help students and early professionals raise up and meet the demands of the industry. Tanay has been teaching students programming for free for about a year now and this initiative will be a logical extension of how he wants to add more value to the hiring ecosystem. About 20k students actively learn from Tanay through a variety of social media platforms and his website.

what’s this challenge?🤷‍♂️

Participants need to complete the following minimum tasks for the challenge:

5 Projects👨‍💻

  • Mostly around React, React Native, NodeJS ecosystem.
  • Will be full-stack projects
  • As a hiring partner, you can sponsor and mentor some of your own projects as well.

3 Blogs📰

  • This is so there to showcase their communication acumen.
  • Blogs will be around the technical challenges they faced and the journey to overcome them.

2 Reviews📜 on their projects and blogs.

  • Reviews/recommendations will be done by our mentors.
  • Mentors are working professionals who are active members of the programming community.
  • They’ll be helping folks with the 5 projects and 3 blogs and at the end put a recommendation.
  • This will help you gauge the candidate even better.

what do we expect from our hiring partners?

We expect your organization to:

  • Interview top 5 participants🙈
  • If they fail, give them feedback on where they can improve
  • Overall, help participants succeed to get them ready for jobs

Want to become our hiring partner, We have created a WhatsApp group for our hiring partners with the name: #hiringHub #jobChallenge join here

Hackstrap is part of the jobChallenge team as the coordinator for the hiring partners and will be available to answer any questions hiring partners have and to give them the necessary clarifications.

why should one be a hiring partner?

It’s always important to invest in young talents and the talent of tomorrow by Delphine Arnault

Being a hiring partner gives an out of the box recruitment option to the organization and would get an option for hiring young emerging engineers. India is a country in which almost 15 lakhs engineers graduate every year, and the recruiters have to go through all those applicants the good one and the bad one.

This challenge is about completing 5 projects in 108 days, along with writing 3 blogs reviewed by industry experts as we have industry experts as mentors for the projects. So, the recruitment gets easier, and you get all excellent applicants and bright minds.

The challenge is completely free you don’t need to spend a dime on this, all we need is you to invest some good intent

how we accept the invitation?

To accept the invitation, please complete the sign-up process 👉here

Please don’t miss any detail. We need everything to get you on the website and give social media shoutouts.

Note: You will be featured on our website as hiring partners and get social media shout-outs from us.

Another note: If you feel like someone you know could be a hiring partner for this program, please forward this request to the organization. This is an open request.

about #TeamTanay

TeamTanay 💯 is an open community of 20,000+ students from 50+ countries who all mainly focus on learning to become a full-stack developer led by me. The community is open to every learning enthusiast who wants to learn and share with the community.