our hiring partners

what are hiring partners?

Startups and companies which are going to interview candidates from this challenge. They have hiring requirements are they excited about this challenge process.

who are our hiring partners currently?

We have some amazing Startup founders and Sr. Recruiters from big cos. as our partners and we are delighted to have them.

We’ll introduce them one by one on Tanay Pratap’s Instagram profile. Stay tuned for that!

Once we introduce them we’ll have an extensive chat with them about their company, the culture and what they’re looking for and put it here as a blog. So, keep checking this space.

One exciting news which we do want to share with you is that collectively these partners are looking to hire 40+ developers in internships and full time roles and they’re going to pay above market salaries as well.

you want to be a hiring partner?

Want to become our hiring partner, We have created a whatsapp group for our hiring partners with the name:

#hiringHub #jobChallenge join here

Hackstrap is part of the jobChallenge team as the coordinator for the hiring partners and will be available to answer any questions hiring partners have and to give them the necessary clarifications.