How to write a Blog?

March 17, 2020


I know I know, I was also into a similar situation, scratching my head and don’t feel bad if you are in a similar situation. There would be tons of questions popping off your mind just like it did for me and let us walk through a few of them shall we?

Am I good enough to write a blog?


What if all the persons you get inspired by (Tanay) thought the same and did not even try, we would have absolutely no inspiration left in this world, so never get those imposter syndromes haunt you. Just write your heart out and I totally agree that the first one will not be perfect and neither was mine! over the period of time you will get better and better, consistency is what matters mate! every long journey starts only if you dare to take the first step.

Will anyone even read my blog?


Yes absolutely, whatever might be your skillsets, there is always someone in the world you can help, so stop wondering and start helping and inspiring others with it. Let me confess something here and I’m absolutely not ashamed of it, when I was in my college I did not even know what was bloggig and for me you are a huge inspiration as you are already doing so much and I’m definitely gonna read your blog!

What to write? there is already so much in the web


This is the one which haunted me for a long time, let me tell you what I think you can’t just invent something new to write a blog but you can always invent some new way to write a blog though! you can still take a well known topic in the world and can express or explain it in your own style with emphasis on simplicity and your personal experience and opinions.

Why is it taking me too long to write a blog post?


If you feel the same then don’t worry that is an extraordinatiry normal feeling. Sometimes I have shamelessly spent days and even weeks writting an article. Don’t give up quality over time.


while(!happy_with_article) {
  if(feel_like_writting || have_some_idea) {
  else {
    // take a break

// hurray you made it

How to make my blog appealing?


  • Attractive titles are the magnets (put your creativity to work)
  • Well keep it simple and don’t abuse your vocabulary skills as lot of non native English speakers will be also reading it
  • Add good quality memes (this is like a fevicol on your readers)
  • Keep it crisp
  • Share the link to sample project if relevant
  • Add links for futher reading if possible

Where to draw inspirations from

Aditya wrote this amazing article about async, await in JavaScript when he was also in college, it was a very common topic for blogs on the internet at that time but the way he wrote it almost broke the clap button in medium and I pesonally loved reading it. He is also a mentor here so definitely check him out.

How to escape async/await hell

Shad who is also a mentor here is known for his simplicty in the blogs he writes and I never feel bored binge reading them, do check him out.

And finally a shameless plug, my article on “Creating your own React in 90 lines of JavaScript” got a really good response for the simplicty in the implementation code.

Create your own React in 90 lines JavaScript

Who the hell are you?


Hey there! I’m Ameer working as a Software Engineer at Quantium in the day and at the night I maintain open source projects like react-lazyload and build other cool open source projects. I’m an universal JavaScript ambassador and almost got into a fist fight when someone told me “This can’t be done in JavaScript”. I’m also an auther at freecodecamp and If you have anything to ask feel free to hit me with a DM in telegram.

My Social footprints are

  • Twitter - I tweet about JavaScript and everything I build and write
  • Instagram - Please don’t get scared by the pics
  • Linkedin - Ahem ahem, I’m very professional here
  • GitHub - I have infinite love for OSS
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