Learning resources for building CLI apps

March 13, 2020


CLI apps or so called command line apps are a fantastic way to learn language features and also to do some cool stuffs.

Learning Resources to build them from scratch

Popular packages

Even though it is totally possible to build any CLI app with your bare hands(which we highly reccomend during initial learning phase) you can use some of the below packages to make your life little more easier

Example projects

Similar approach can be taken for any language

CLI apps in React

If you know react and if you wish to reuse it to build some crazy cool CLI apps checkout the below link

Who the hell are you?


Hey there! I’m Ameer working as a Software Engineer at Quantium in the day and at the night I maintain open source projects like react-lazyload and build other cool open source projects. I’m an universal JavaScript ambassador and almost got into a fist fight when someone told me “This can’t be done in JavaScript”. I’m also an auther at freecodecamp. If you have anything to ask feel free to hit me with a DM in telegram.

My Social footprints are

  • Twitter - I tweet about JavaScript and everything I build and write
  • Instagram - Please don’t get scared by the pics
  • Linkedin - Ahem ahem, I’m very professional here
  • GitHub - I have infinite love for OSS
  • - Find my pens here