our mentors

why do we need mentors?

To tell you right from wrong. To guide you. To review your project and recommend you to the hiring partners.

who are our mentors?

Community leaders of JavaScript, Golang and others are here to help you. Experienced folks from Flipkart, Walmart, Paypal etc. are here to help and invest their time in your success.

Mentors are here! Click here to know them

We’ll introduce them one by one on Tanay Pratap’s Instagram profile. Stay tuned for that!

Once we introduce them we’ll have an extensive chat with them. You will get to know them better through this chat. Their journey, their challenges, their interests, everything. So, keep checking this space.

you want to be a mentor?

We do need more mentors seeing the interest in this challenge.

This space is coming up. Initial mentorships were forged from my (Tanay’s) personal connections but soon it will be open to all.