Swarnima Shukla

Hi! I am Swarnima Shukla , let me walk you through my intro, projects and blogs.


I am a final year student pursuing in computer science and engineering from SRMCEM , Lucknow. I started working on web developement from first year of my college and after developing my first project I decided to take it as a career path. I am winner of Dreambig championship a national level hackathon organized by internshala and first runner up of Automathon , a hackathon organized by Microsoft and Automation anywhere all across country for students and professionals. Being a Beta Microsoft Student Partner I believe in learn , code and teach so I help students learn and work on projects in my technical club .

why are you taking this challenge?

I am looking for a full time position as Full stack developer in top companies. Being a student from tier 3 college and city I never got right kind of guidance to work on something although because I never had guidance so tried my hands in lot of contests , fields and hackathons so here through this challenge I want to learn and work in right direction to get the job and work I have been dreaming of.

something interesting about you?

I love dancing and sometimes reading novels (developing this habbit). I like to take challenges and sometimes don’t think much about how compatible I am because I know I will sail through everything. I am nervous back-stage and confident when it comes to final peformance .

help I need?

It would be good if someone tells me how to search for jobs properly as I find most of jobs asking for work experience. Also I need a mock job interview focused on web development.

how to contact me?


not a lot of projects are done. I will keep updating it with real links when done.


same as projects, I will keep updating my blogs as and when done.

why I liked GraphQL over REST?

description I will write something really nice here so that you feel like reading my blog.