Hi! I am a Amar Kumar let me walk you through my intro.


I am a working guy (employee) but i still see myself as a student, because I learn more being a student.

why are you taking this challenge?

I am looking for a job because I want to learn Web development not just because it is in demand but because i can see everything in action through the browser whatever I code which gives me a next level of joy.

something interesting about you?

I remember only those things very easily that I understand, others I have to memorize.

help I need?

It would be very helpful if someone can guide me on how to choose projects I mean how to get an idea for a project.

how to contact me?


Some Basic projects I have done which are there on github, but I’ll create other new projects as per the challenge’s rules and will upload them soon.

My projects:


same as projects, I will keep updating my blogs as and when done.

why/how I switched to Javascript from Java?

description I will write something really nice here so that you feel like reading my blog.