Burhanuddin Udaipurwala

Hi! I am Burhanuddin :) A Computer Engineering student passionate about building stuff!


I am dedicated and committed developer, passionate about facing challenges and always willing to learn new technologies and move forward. Concerned about deadlines, love programming, enjoy work and always motivated when it comes to accomplishing goals.

why are you taking this challenge?

  • Looking for job opportunities
  • To learn to write production ready code that scales

something interesting about you?

I can eat whatever i want without gaining a pound

help I need?

It would be great to have someone to tell me when my code is not production ready or if there is a better way to do something than what i have written

how to contact me?


Foodie - A platform for food bloggers

description A food blogging platform for people who love food. Food bloggers post reviews about restaurants and food lovers can view and like their posts.

stack Made with React, Express and MongoDB

hosted link

github link


description Pothole GO is a project aimed at reducing the potholes on our roads by tracking their location and parameters. The project uses image recognition and machine learning to estimate the severity of potholes and tags them on maps for users

stack Made with Android, Express and MongoDB

hosted link

github link


description Aimed at the quality analysis/ quality testing personnel in the field of construction, this Android app provides an easy to use interface to store all your test reports and the reminders will always keep you on target!

stack Made with Android and Firebase

hosted link

github link


Using React with Electron - For Beginners!

description Using React with Electron using a boilerplate