Saad Ahmed

Hello! I am Saad, let me walk you through my intro.


Hi! I am a 3rd year student currently pursuing my engineering from MIT School of Engineering, Pune.

why are you taking this challenge?

I need an internship in December 2020. I want to gain hands on experience in IT world before I join Job later next year. Heard they require experience, Don’t they?

something interesting about you?

I like learning new languages and other technical stuffs like blockchains, Network securities. I like solving CTF’s.

help I need?

I Learn a lot, i.e. sometimes i dont get more deep into a specific skills (you see half knowledge). Hence i need a proper guidance or a proper roadmap for what to do and what not to do.

how to contact me?


not a lot of projects are done. I will keep updating it with real links when done.


Same as projects, will keep updating my blogs as is I progress with this journey.