Dibyendu Maji

Hi! I am Dibyendu Maji, a freelancer, competitive coder and a web developer


I am pursuing my B.Tech. from Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College in the field of Electronics and Communication, but have a deep interest in the field of Computer Science. I keep participating in Hackathons and meet up events to learn about current development techniques and understand real-life problems when I face them.

why are you taking this challenge?

I need an internship in July 2020. I want to make interesting projects after learning about new technologies. I keep on learning but didn’t get encouragement to make projects when stuck. In this regard, I can get a better community here to help me.

something interesting about you?

I like to keep stock of movies but do not have time to watch those.

help I need?

It would be good if someone tells me about some projects to take during this time.

how to contact me?


not a lot of projects are done. I will keep updating it with real links when done.


I will keep updating my blogs as and when done.