Digvijay Singh Rathore

Hi! I am Digvijay, MERN stack developer.


Hi! I am Digvijay, a 15 y/o from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. MERN is my staple tech stack. All I have learnt till now is self taught. I loved building digital products, I have worked at a startup previously as an intern. Web dev has empowered me to create something that solves problem and that’s what I have did with all of my projects.


why are you taking this challenge?

I need an internship/job to have some experience of writing code on scale helping a number of users, which will ultimately let me learn and explore more in my niche.

something interesting about you?

As a 15 year old I always think my next project will be a billion dollar startup.

help I need?

It would be highly appreciated if I am provided with some help for learning to work with MongoDB or nosql databases.

how to contact me?


  • 1. Slash Co

    A platform for devs to share knowledge, comment & upvote posts, maintain a user profile. Developers can use markdown to write customized articles, add a picture, enable comments on posts. It is similar to

    Stacks React, Node.js, FireBase, Neomorphic-UI

  • 2. MERN Blog

    This MERN blog has medium-like rich text editor and user roles. Only certain user IDs are allowed to visit the admin pages and functionalities. I used CK editor to build the text editor and react-html-parser to parse the data.

    Stacks React, Node.js, CK Editor

  • 3. Groot

    Groot connects farmers/gardners to urban people who are willing to buy organic veges. It’s a directory of gardens around you. Join, add your farm, explore other farms and exchange veges. It’s a full stack MERN application.

    Stacks React, Node.js, FireBase | FB Auth, Ant Design

  • 4. Code Cafe

    Code Cafe is a tinder for coders. Fill in the form, join the platform, have some coffee and collaborate with devs. I used Redux for state management. It was my first project, I didn’t built a custom backend and firebase instead.

    Stacks React, Redux, FireBase

  • 5. Power List

    I built this productivity app while learning React Native. I used expo and generated an APK as well. Users can add tasks for the day and delete them upon completion. Find the APK on it’s github repository.

    Stacks React Native

  • 6. News Telegraph

    News Telegraph bot is a telegram bot that uses NLP APIs to deliver summarized news straight to your inbox. It sends covid data as well. I got good open source contributions on this bot.

    Stacks Node.js, Telegram Bot

  • 7. Imagenara

    Imagenara lets you explore 1000s of images from different providers like Pixabay, Unsplash, etc. Users can save the images by one-click and download them later all together. It was my first full stack application. I took multiple APIs and shrinked them to a single route in my Node JS backend.

    Stacks Node.js, React JS


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  • Difference between single page apps & multi page apps and how they work?

    In this article I tried clearing confusions around SPAs & MPAs and their working.

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  • How to make a telegram bot using Node JS?

    Quickstart guide on building telegram bots using Node JS.

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