Divyanshi Agrawal

Hi! I am Divyanshi Agrawal, an engineering student from Pune. Let me walk you through my intro!


Hello! I am a Second year student at Pune’s engineering college PICT, pursuing my Bachelors Of Engineering(B.E) Degree in the field of Information Technology. I am currently learning Web Development, and am excited to get to know and learn more about this field by creating various projects!

why are you taking this challenge?

I need an internship in July 2020. I don’t wanna be lazy anymore! Want to utilize my time and be productive.

something interesting about you?

I play the Piano. I am very passionate about it and absolutely in love with everything related it. I started taking Piano classes in June 2018, and I am happy to share that I have progressed manifolds in this 2 year period!

help I need?

It would be good if someone could provide some help on how I can use various API’s and connect that with Node.js.

how to contact me?


not a lot of projects are done. I will keep updating it with real links when done.


same as projects, I will keep updating my blogs as and when done.