Diksha Goyal

Namaste! I am Diksha, MEAN stack developer.


I am a final year undergrad pursuing B.Tech degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Delhi. I am interested in software development. I am a quick learner and enthusiastic about problem-solving and exploring technology. I am a highly motivated JavaScript developer. During my work experience, I learned to handle the pressure to meet the deadline of project submission and to complete them with accuracy and efficiency. I am a keen learner and looking for more opportunities ahead.

Why am I taking this challenge??

For Opportunities!

In the span of last 4 months my learning curve is unimaginable for me. The challenge strengthen my believe in myself.

Something interesting about me?

I look for positivity in all things.

how to contact me?



RecipeApp is a web app in which a list of recipes is displayed to the user; a user can add new recipe and can edit any recipe as well. There is an add to card option too which creates a cart list of ingrdients of the recipes and user can export the recipes in the form of CSV file.


This is a chat-app made for users to come together and chat.


This is a books app which displays top 10 books about the topic entered by the user. The books are fetched from the google books API. Concept of debouncing is used while fetching books.

Github User Finder

Github User finder is a webapp to find github users on the basis of their github handle. It displays user’s public github information and top 10 repositories of the user. Concept of debouncing is used while fetching books.

Tic Tac Toe

A react implementation of the Tic Tac Toe game.


Debugging Javascript Applications

description In this blog I have described the different methods to log a Javascript application.


What is call(), bind() and apply() ?

description In this blog I have described the methods like call(), bind() and apply().


let, var or const?

description In this blog I have described the difference between let, var and const along with function and block scope