Saddam Shah

A Self-taught Web Developer was withholding more than one year of experience. Also worked for a startup company for nine months currently doing freelancing.


I have more than one year of experience in the field of programming and i am very passionate about it.. I am looking forward to becoming the best version myself.

I have tried a lot of thing in my life I was working when I was at 18 after working 3 years in BPO (call-centre) finally it been 2 years that I got to know that Codding is the skill that I love to work on.

why are you taking this challenge?

Because I want to learn with experts and enhance my codding skills

something interesting about you?

If I decide to do something So No matter how hard it is I will always find a way to complete it. One of the example is I got my first codding job while working in a BPO (call-centre) and without having a college degree. I was a commerce student before getting into codding.

help I need?

I am very enthusiastic towards learning so need someone to tell me what should I need to learn basically a mentor. I have a MEN Stack (MongoDB Express Node). Currently working on react.js.

how to contact me?


[ Project No 1 - E Commerce Store ]

description A full fledged E-commerce Web Application which has 13 unique pages including two dashboards and one payment gateway Where users can view all the products that are differentiated by their categories. Backend is created on Node server and frontend is built on react.js Full Authentication system using JWT, where each signup data is stored on MongoDB database using mongo atlas.

hosted link github link API github link

Kindly read the depth overview in the GitHub readme file on this repository.

[ Project No 2 Coffee Shop ]

description A web template for locals business created using react.

hosted link github link

[ Project No 3 Book Search App ]

description A simple book search app using react

hosted link github link

[ Project No 4 Data Visualization Map ]

description A Data Visualization that show covid cases on map.

hosted link github link

[ Project No 5 Currency Converter ]

description A Currency Converter app using react.

hosted link github link


[ Blog No 1 ]

Name What is Programming? hosted Link

[ Blog No 2 ]

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[ Blog No 3 ]

Name Here is how you can be an Accomplished Programmer! hosted Link