Sarulatha Annadurai

Hi! I am an aspiring web developer pursuing 3rd year of computer science engineering from UCEK ,Tamil Nadu.I am a passionate and hard working who always wanted to learn and improve my skills as a developer.Job challenge is my first step in this journey and I am quite happy that it definitely pushed me one step forward to the final goal that I aimed to achieve.

Journey in Job Challenge

I am a complete beginner who had always wanted to learn web and app development and the first step I took is to participate in job challenge. By participating in this challenge,I can definitely see difference in myself that I can host sites,write blogs and more.Below is the list of projects and blogs I did for this challenge.

why are you taking this challenge?

I would like to work in MERN stack.Though I am a beginner I believe that I could take part in this challenge and complete it successfully that will definitely boost my confidence level.And,I am willing to work as an intern to train myself to the company ambiance and gain experience to build my career.

something interesting about you?

I can draw well .I love to dance and hear music.

help I need?

I would appreciate if I get someone to clear my doubts and explain me exact technical stack that is neede to implement for an application.

Contact me?


🎡Lyric Finder

description Ever wondered what is the lyrics of the song which I am hearing? LyricFinder is here to help you get the lyrics of thousands of songs .

stack React,REST api,bootstrap

hosted link

github link

🀯 Memory Game

description Hola ! Here is a memory game to tweak your brain power.More fun to you if you are a ben10 fan

stack Html,Css,Javascript

hosted link

github link

🀯 Quiz App 🀯

description Time and tide waits for none! A quiz app on javascript which may help tune yourself for an interview.Answer questions within the given time!

stack React,bootstrap

hosted link

github link

β›… Weather App

description No one can predict the future but somehow we are trying to predict.This weather app helps you to get the live weather conditions of any part of the world.

stack React,bootstrap,OpenWeatherMap Api

hosted link

github link

πŸ” Dictionary App

description Life is all about find meaning of your life.For finding meaning for words here is a dictionary where you can get meanings of words.

stack React,bootstrap,google Dictionary Api

hosted link

github link

πŸ”£ Billing App: calculates bill amount

description No need of pen,paper,calculator. Here is the billing app for petty shops where they can calculate amount for the provisions.

stack React,CSS

hosted link

github link


Fetch api using axios and fetch api

description Explained how we can work with api in react

hosted link

How to use map() reduce() and filter() ?

description Explained how to work with arrays in javascript using these methods

hosted link

How to overcome Imposter Syndrome?

description Here I shared my own experience of how I overcame Imposter Syndrome

hosted link