Hi! I am Shivraj Nag , pursuing my BE from Rajarajeswari College of Engineering, Bangalore, I have played with many technologies and like to build stuffs. link


I am passionate about programming and technologies. I have an affinity to create something new and useful for people.

why are you taking this challenge?

I need a JOB by June 2020. I want to learn and grow. I want to test my consistency and commitment to my work and life. I am a startup enthusiast and would love to work at a startup. I love the whole startup ecosystem and hope that i will start my own one day. I want to hone my skills and explore different domains by working with some of the best talent out there.

something interesting about you?

I love reading tech blogs and websites like Techcrunch and to be honest i spend most of my time either programming or watching Youtube about programming and startups news.

help I need?

It would be great if someone help me and guide me throughtout this journey when i am stuck.

how to contact me?


My projects:

Comfy_House - JS Shopping Cart App

description It is a simple e-commerce website with no backend. The app was built using only vanilla.js and no other frontend frameworks were used.

stack HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript

hosted link

github link

Real Estate App - Python/Django

description It is fully functional property listing website with admin panel. The admin can add property and realtors. The app supports user authentication(register and login) and also have a storage feature.

stack Python | Django | PostgreSQL | Bootstrap 4 | HTML5 | CSS3

hosted link

github link

Crwn Clothing - React/Redux

description It is a fashion e-commerce store. The user can shop for fashionable clothes and add them to cart and can checkout using Stripe. I have added Firebase authentication for SignIn and also added SignIn/SignUp option using custom email/password. I have used Redux for state management.

stack React | Redux | Javascript | Firebase | Stripe | Heroku | HTML5 | SASS

hosted link

github link

Lyrically-Lyrics Search App - React

description Lyrically is a web app used to search for lyrics of any songs. It shows the lyrics of the song along with some other details like album, artist name, etc.

stack React | HTML | Bootstrap

hosted link

github link

Job Listings Board - React

description A job listing board with filteration. It shows new and featured jobs along with different labels like role, level, languages, tools, etc.

stack React | HTML | Tailwind

hosted link

github link


Simple JS Projects: Project 1: Finddit — A Reddit Search App


description Here we learn to create a simple reddit search app using Reddit API, ES6, Fetch and Parcel.User can search subreddit by typing in the input field and all the reddit/subreddit will be fetched from the reddit server.

Simple JS Projects: Project 2: MovieInfo Search App


description Here we learn to create a simple responsive movie info search app built using vanilla.js, Bootswatch and jQuery. It uses session storage.The project is using OMDB API to get movie details and axios(Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js) to make an API calls.

Simple JS Projects: Project 3: MyBookList App


description Here we learn to create a simple responsive BookList app using vanilla.js and Bootswatch. It uses persistent local storage to store book details. The project doesn’t use any frameworks. It uses ES6 Classes and Objects.