Syed sufiyan

Hi! I am a Syed sufiyan let me walk you through my intro, projects and blogs.


i love to build things, contribute to open source and showcase by building projects.

why are you taking this challenge?

get web developer | front end developer job, learn new things.

something interesting about you?

i can visualize and predict future.

help I need?

learn new technologies.

how to contact me?


FORTE e-commerce app

description e-commerse app to buy mens and womens in fashion category. shop clothes, hats, sneakers and more.

stack Made in React with Redux. This is written in JavaScript styled using styled components. Stripe for payment method.

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Amazon clone

description Amazon clone user can authenticate, add and delete items.

stack ReactJs, firebase

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Loan calculator

description Calculate loan by providing amount and term. stack ReactJs

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perfect cocktail app

description This is cocktail recipe app, search any cocktail get recipe of the same done in cocktailDB api.

stack Vanilla javascript, cocktailDB API.

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quiz game app

description play computer science quiz.

stack Vanilla javascript, quiz API.

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car insurance app

description calculate car insurance.

stack Vanilla javascript.

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description App with node.js, can chat with users in same room and send location.

stack Node.js,, javascript.

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Understanding Asynchronous programming in JavaScript

description In this blog we’ll run through a number of important concepts relating to asynchronous programming, and how this looks in web browsers and JavaScript.

Destructuring in javascript

description Blog about how destructuring work in javascript.

JavaScript Array Methods (forEach, map, some, find, filter & more)

description understanding JavaScript array methods and its types.