Viral Sangani

Hi there!👋 I am a Viral Sangani let me walk you through my intro, projects and blogs.


I am Full Stack application developer, and my favourite tech stack include Django, ReactJS, PostgreSQL and ReactNative. I am a keen learner and enthusiast in making application in Javascript and Python. In my free time I love to do Open Source Contribution.

why are you taking this challenge?

I need am internship in 2020. I like to increase my project experience with learning and growing together in this Job challenge. I want to create strong network through this challenge.

something interesting about you?

I am good with Cyber Security niche. I preffer programming books over programming tutorials.

help I need?

It would be good if someone tells me how to prepare for the job interview, Project management and how to make good professional relations.

how to contact me?


My projects:

Can visit Here for my all projects.

1. Personal Blog: 🚀⚡️ Blazing fast blog built with GatsbyJS 🔥

This blog is built with Gatsby and hosted serverlessly using AWS Lambda and S3. Used custom MDX to create cool effects in the blog posts. Gatsby with AWS CDN service - Cloudfront create a superfast blog.

I have created and used Django APIs for Like and Blog Subscription functions. I have also created a CI/CD pipeline using Github action workflow to deploy project at AWS S3.

  • I have also added Progressive Web Apps(PWA) functionality in this blog

Stack: GatsbyJS, Django, AWS.



Hosted Link:
Github Link:

2. TTJC Review app: Made with React Native for Mentors

Created an app in React native for the mentors of This app uses Github graphql API’s to fetch ISSUES from repository and use some regex magic to render all the projects which are submitted for review.

App has following features:

  • Shows how many total projects are submitted for review in details
  • Shows how many projects are reviewed.
  • Shows how many projects are yet to review.
  • Shows how many students have applied for review via issues.
  • Shows total projects in review with respect to each student.

Note: Only those issues are considered which passes the regex match i.e. those issue titles that have [Project] or related syntax in it


This app is hosted on AWS S3.
Hosted Link: Download arm64-v8a APK (Recommended)
Hosted Link: Download x86_64 APK
Github Link:

3. WeTube: 📺 Just a Clone of Youtube, made with ReactJS and Django APIs.💥

Designed and developed a clone of youtube using,

  • ReactJS
  • Material-UI
  • styled-components
  • Django Rest Framework
  • JWT Authentication
  • Many more

Project is hosted serverlessly on AWS S3, Cloudfront, Lambda, and API Gateway. It has CI/CD configured using GitHub Actions to deploy the code at AWS S3

  • Has Progressive Web Apps(PWA) functionality in this website

Stack: ReactJS, MaterialUI, Django, PostgreSQL, AWS.



Hosted Link:
Github Link:

4. Word-O-Mania: A ReactJs Game 💻

Made simple game to test your vocabulary and your memory, with a little bit of fun using,

  • ReactJS
  • TailwindCSS
  • Redux

In easy difficulty of the game, you have 30 seconds to note down almost every word you can remember that are at least 3 letters long. Your score is calculated by the number of correct/incorrect words you have submitted. Similarly, in medium and hard difficulty, the time limits and minimum word lengths are 45s/6 and 60s/8 respectively.



Hosted Link:
Github Link:

5. Django Boilerplate - Template for production-ready Django projects. 🚀⚡️

Created this Django template and documentation for the same in Docusaurus 2 and hosted on AWS S3 + Cloudfront.

Some of the features of boilerplate are listed below,

  • Renders Boilerplate Django projects with 98% starting* test coverage
  • 12-Factor based settings using django-environ
  • I believe in SSL, secure by default in Production.
  • Static file handling via AWS S3 in Production
  • Already written test in unittest and pytest
  • Registration using django-allauth
  • SMTP already configured for AWS SES. (Mailgun,* Anymail is optional)
  • pre-commit already configured for identifying simple* issues
  • Sentry integration already configures for error logging

Documentation Link:
Github Link:


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Can visit Here for my all posts.