Gurpreet Singh

Hello World!! I am Gurpreet Singh, a mechanical engineer finding keen interest in the interesting world of code.


Currently I am BIM Engineer based in Singapore (Well it’s only 5 months I am here), but always kind of deeply astonished how the programming has changed the world and which inturn inculcates me with the feeling of being part of that world.

why are you taking this challenge?

This challenge has done two things for me. Firstly, It gives the kind of kick and platform to lazy me to do something meaningful to tranistion as a developer. Secondly, No guesses it’s the job in something I started to get deeply influenced.

something interesting about you?

Like most of Indians out here, I am die hard cricket fan (both playing and watching) with favorite format as TEST CRICKET. In recent years, I have read a lot of books, ranging vastly different genres form financce to marketing to self help, if I read 50 pages of book and I am not bored then expect to finish the book same day. :)

help I need?

I consider myself as a person who dreams a lot, but most of the times I am kind of freezed taking the inital steps, so I would like someone to help me out on this, so that I can overcome the kind of fear of starting up, which if I say as a MECHANICAL ENGINEER ” MAIN DHAKKA START GAADI KO SELF START GAADI MAIN CONVERT HONA DEKHNA CHAHTA HU”.

how to contact me?


With Projects done only for freecodecamp course, would publish soon with links.


I am not the pro blogger, but have somehow, shared my story in medium in form of blogs when I feel I should. :)

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