Harshith Venkatesh

Namaste, I am Harshith Venkatesh , let me walk you through my intro, projects and blogs.

I am a believer in “Fake it till you make it”

“When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.”


I am currently working in CenturyLink as a Software Engineer, I have got the opportunity to develop enterprise dashboard, data visualization utility tool and enhancements such as form upload to document display and other features. I have developed the front end deck using Angular 7.

I have pursued B.Tech - Electronics and Communication branch in Manipal Institute of Technology and transitioned from Telecommunication Domain to Information Technology Domain in the span of One and Half year and I really enjoy exploring different opportunities that IT provides.

why are you taking this challenge?

Honestly, I really liked the challenge and this will definitely motivate me to explore different frameworks, libraries of JS. I really want to realize how much I can toil along with the 10 hour daily work schedule, and to utilize my time in building my portfolio.

I would really want to be part of the Open Source community. I believe joining this community will provide me enough opportunity to discuss and join/form a team to work on the same.

I believe working on typescript for 1.5 years has built enough confidence in me to create a project in Angular Framework from Scratch. I would like to build my portfolio in a way to attract companies to look into my portfolio and thus leading to Switching for better opportunities.

🏃Update 06/29/2020 In a month, I have gained a lot of knowledge by being a part of this community and the opportunity I have got to meet talented front end devs, and their ideas were mesmerizing. I even got the opportunity to help a few college grads with the Gyan that I have got on placements and in my journey.

Whether this helps me in job opportunities here or not, but I have indeed got a confidence boost to prepare JS in-depth and has given me the clarity to feel confident enough to give Front End Developer Interview in much more confidently. I do have a great path ahead and joining this challenge, It has eased my complex path ahead with a lot of tips, ideas, reviews, etc.,

something interesting about you?

I am ambidextrous. I can crack jokes in 6 different languages 🙃 I prefer spending my holidays/weekends by helping students in mathematics(My faourite subject). I got the opportunity to visit few schools to share my experiance and knowledge to pursue on different career options. I like gardening and cooking.

help I need?

It would be good if someone helps and suggest me the best practices while working on projects. Maybe just pointing me out that a particular link in youtube would help me more on particular tech stack would definitely make some one’s day better :) Tanay , you have helped me a lot in this, While I will definitely would follow your suggestions but I am open for more.

how to contact me?


My projects:

1. I am the Onge Who Knocks

project image

Project was mainly focussed on exploring react and PWA, A Progressive Web App based on Breaking Bad Character Display with few added features. All the criteria has met for PWA and is mobile friendly.

Stacks React,HTML5,CSS3, Hosted in Netlify

2. Farm 2 Home

project image

An eCommerce website for vegetables, the focus was mainly on creating E2E application and I was really happy looking at the end project. The project has signing, register, listing, cart, payment process steps. Through this project, I got the opportunity to explore more on backend NodeJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB. The hosting of the project is done in the Heroku Platform.

Stacks React,NodeJS,ExpressJS and MongoDB,HTML5,CSS3,WebPack platform Heroku

3. Simple React To Do List

Entry Level React Project with more emphasis on learning state ,display of data with simple animation. It gave me more perspective on data manipulation using props and state.

Stacks React JS

4. Covid-19 Tracker

project image

Covid-19 Tracker web application which gets the response from the API: and using responsive cards and charts , recovered,infected and death cases details are displayed

Stacks React JS

5. Weather App

project image

Project was mainly focussed on exploring react and PWA, A simple weather app with autocomplete place work in progress. All the criteria has met for PWA and is mobile friendly

Stacks React

6. Where In The Country

project image

Project was mainly focussed on exploring react and PWA, A Progressive Web App based on Country details and flag display with few added features. All the criteria has met for PWA and is mobile friendly.

Stacks React

7. ExpenseTracker

project image

An ExpenseTracker Application which provides the budget details. I have built using youtube tutorial and have converted the desktop app to responsive app.

Stacks Angular7

8. Analog Clock

Simple Analog Clock design with focus to learn basics after going through Tanay Pratap’s course on Vanilla JS. It has dark and light mode which can be toggled.

Stacks Vanilla JS


My Experience on First Progressive Web Application | PWA

22 June 2020 My Experience on First Progressive Web Application | PWA.. This blog for all the beginnners like me who wants to explore more on PWA. I have shared my ups and downs dealing with PWA and how lighthouse has helped me in turning my web application to PWA.

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Chrome Extensions for Front-end Devs

24 June 2020 The blog was mainly focussed on a few chrome extensions which I like the most and how it helps front end developers in general. The emphasis is mainly on a few important extensions such as ColorPick Eyedropper, JSON Viewer, WhatFont, Wappalyzer, LightHouse, etc.,

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Why So Much React for STATE

29 June 2020 The blog was mainly focussed on my journey to understand more on the state with the help of many tutorials and basic definitions and its uses. I have taken To-Do List App to explain more on its use.

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