Rajat Kumar Gupta

Hi! I am Rajat.


I am a final year Computer Science Undergraduate and an aspiring Software Developer working in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, HCI and UX Design. I am a Google Scholarship Alumni, have worked in 3 companies as a Software Development Intern, was one of the top 5 mentors in Girlscript Summer of Code 2018, and an active member of the Google Developers Group Kolkata community. I have participated in 5 hackathons and have been in the top 10 in 3 of them. I am also one of the 4 Google Scholorship Alumnis who was provided with a fully sponsored trip to attend Google I/O 2019, the annual Developer Conference organized by Google at MountainView, California.

Why are you taking this challenge?

I am taking this challenge in the hope of getting job opportunities in the space that I am interested in i.e AR/VR, UX Design and Mobile Development. As a Software Developer I am constantly trying to improve upon my skills, specifically in writing production level code. I am looking for a company where I can pair up with a senior engineer in order to learn and practice how to write production level code for some impactful product. I am willing to dedicate years of practice into perfecting the craft of writing production level code.

Something interesting about you?

  • Avid reader - I developed the habit of reading in my quest to understand how people think and work. It’s fascinating how much you can learn from the experiences of someone’s life. I enjoy reading and didn’t count the number of books that I have read before 2020, but I am tracking the count this year (8 read and applied, 34 more to go).
  • Speedcuber - Solved the 3X3 (sub 30), 4X4, 5x5, Mirror Cube and the Megaminx.
  • Sparrow lover - Clicks and collects snaps of sparrows. I can stare at these adorable creatures for hours!
  • Foodie - A voracious one.

Help I need?

It would be good if someone tells me which role will be suitable for me and also recommend me for the same😊. Here is my resume.

I love “coding” but not only “coding”. I love brainstorming ideas, explaining concepts through flowcharts and design, planning how to design a Software that scales and then begin coding. I believe technical and non technical products are both equally required to create a sustainable ecosystem and add value to people’s lives. I have studied UX Design principles in depth from Interaction Design Foundation and want to apply them in conjunction with the products that I develop(in AR/VR domain).

How to contact me?


I will start sharing my projects with live links and source code links after I finsih implementing them.


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