Arab Kumar

I am a computer science student at Birla Institute of Technology.Few things about me:


I am a T-shaped programmer(according to google).I love each and every technology except the hardwares.I consumed my two years of college by learning lots of different things but now I think I need to stick to a particular field to keep going and make money.

why are you taking this challenge?

I need the practical exposure.I want to know how things actually work at industry level and internships are the best opportunities to showcase our skills along with learning new stuffs.

something interesting about you?

Actually there is nothing interesting about me because instead of doing something I prefer sleeping.also I love rap music because they are difficult to memorize and I love difficult jobs.

help I need?

I need a mentor who can guide me.This brain has too much potential but it dosen’t know where to apply.I guess an experienced person can tell me better ways to use it.

how to contact me?


Done a few projects but not very proud of it. I will keep updating the list with better projects.

My projects:

Daily Journal: A Blog Writer app

description Ever tried google’s blogger?I tried once but didn’t understood at once so thought why not make our own blogger page where writing blogs is made simple.

stack A simple web app made using html,css,express and few npm packages.templated using ejs.backed with mongodb to keep all the blogs available 24X7.

hosted link

github link

Todey: A todo list app

description We can’t know about our day but atleast we can plan it.mostly it never goes according to plan but still we can manage to finish some why to wait? create a list of jobs you need to do today using our Todey app.

stack A simple web app made using html,css,express,ejs and few other npm packages.It is too backed with allows users to make multiple lists just be changing the list name in url.

hosted link

github link


I am not a big fan of blogging but for this competetion I will start blogging and will try my best to keep them updated.