Hi! I am Lohitha, a Second year student from Amrita University, I’m currently pursuing my undergrad degree in Computer Science Enginering”


I am a Web Developer and Open source contriutor. I am currently working on a food delivery app project.

why are you taking this challenge?

I want to improve myself, also looking for an internship to build up my profile.

something interesting about you?

I am a Sports person, I play lawn tennis, badmintion.

how to contact me?


I’ve done a couple of projects during hackathons along with my teammates.

My projects:

Time Scheduler App

description This is a time scheduler app. It helps to schedule and organize the daily academic tasks inaccordance to priorities and recieve ontime notification of task deadlines via ‘gsapi’ telegram bot for students

github link (frontend)

CLI Shopping Cart in Python

description This a CLI shoppin cart done in python.

github link


description In the market, there are many small productivity apps available but they are not integrated. This project takes two most important features namely to-do list management and remainder management and integrates them.

github link

youtube link


I’ve written a couple of logs till now, those are about my experiences.