Parul Malhotra

Hi! I am Parul located in Gurgaon. Let me walk you through my journey so far for you to get to know me better!


I have 5 years of work experience as a Senior QA engineer. Have worked with MNCs like Tata Consultancy Services and I decided to transition to MERN stack a few months back and have been reading and building projects since then.

why are you taking this challenge?

I am interested in building full stack apps to build a solid portfolio in order to learn Javascript frameworks inside out and get a job suiting my expertise. This challenge fits my goals perfectly. I have been writing blogs anyway and building projects. This challenege has added a deadline, provided me a community and helped me with ideas to build better and more interesting things.

something interesting about you?

I love coding and fashion blogging - two extremely different paths.

help I need?

Help me by sharing with me, ideas, so that I can build interesting projects and write better blogs on topics which are not so common to find.

how to contact me?


I am sharing the old projects that I have worked upon. Sharing the github repo to my projects and the url to one of the project which is currently hosted on gcp. I will be building fresh 5 projects for the challenge and updating here!

Weather App in React -

Youtube Clone in React - (Not hosted yet)

Github Analytics app - (Not hosted yet)


Sharing a list of blogs I have written since I started studying.

As mentioned for Projects, I will be sharing the fresh blogs for this challenge soon!