Neel Shah

Hi! I am Neel Shah, a web developer.


I am passionate about web development. Exploring MERN Stack. I have experience developing REST and GraphQL APIs in Spring Boot.

why are you taking this challenge?

I have completed my internship on React Js and Spring Boot. Now I am looking for job.

something interesting about you?

I have some knowledge of Astrology. I read Mahabharat.

help I need?

I need someone to guide for NodeJs.

how to contact me?


Project 1: Next Dev


  • Developer’s social media where developers can sign-up or login, and can post anything, also they can like or unlike and comment posts from other developers.
  • User can also build his/her profile including education, experience

stack MERN stack

github link (

hosted link (

Project 2: Rick And Morty


  • Used Rick and Morty API for fetching episode details of the series like date, episode number, name, id. Implemented pagination based on page count received, and it will call API when user clicks on page number.
  • User can search episode by name

stack React and React Hooks, Bootstramp

github link (

hosted link (


I will keep updating my blogs as and when done.