Hi! I am Niladri. I am a Python developer with analytic skills. Let me walk you through my intro, projects and blogs.


A guy with skills and able to work under pressure. Hard worker, I would rather not count myself as one therefor I look for the optimal way to complete a project as soon as possible. Took this challenge to enhance my skills over other domains.

why are you taking this challenge?

I need job.

something interesting about you?

I can tear down each and every computer, mend it and assemble it perfectly in one piece. I reapplied thermal paste on 5 laptops. I successfully booted up mac os catalina on my acer nitro 5 .

help I need?

As I have knowledge of programming language I think it wouldn’t be such a problem for me, anyways Stackoverflow team has their hands over us.

how to contact me?


Data Analyst projects done as provided by Udacity and few of my own projects from Kaggle. If reviewing the projects in my github id anybody thinks I am hireable pls contact me. Web projects - none that’s why I’m here for.

My projects:

Portfolio : Created My First Website and Hosted it.

description Created a website for my portfolio using bassic HTML and CSS.

stack None just the front end.

hosted link

github link


Blogs will be updated as soon as I get started with the projects. So stay tuned.