Nipun Sharma

Hello everyone! I’m Nipun Sharma currently pursuing my B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics from M.I.T. Manipal. I’m beginner at coding and here to hone my skills as a coder.


I’m highly interested in how tech works, what goes behing developing them. I like to read and play guitar in my free time.

why are you taking this challenge?

I’m taking this challenge to come out of my comfort zone and work on something not in my domain and work with mentors.

something interesting about you?

I love to do voluntary work and I’m a part of the Art of Living organisation. I take keep my mental and physical health before everything.

help I need?

I need help as to get started in coding and implementing my ideas in terms of a code and how to develop backend for apps

how to contact me?


Blog App in Python/Django


I will log my journey in coding in my blog, the problems I faced, how I came up with solutions to the problems.


why I like Javascript over other languages

I was introduced to coding with c++ in my first year of engineering, but lost interest as there was no one to guide me and we had to write lines of code on a piece of paper. Now that I have seen Tanay sir’s videos on Javascript I believe that I can definitely excell in this field.