Rabiya Basri

Hi! I am Rabiya Basri let me walk you through my intro, projects and blogs.


Hi,I am Rabiya Basri 21 years old currently working at cognizant technology solution in Bangalore and completing my online course from udemy on HTML5 AND CSS3 and taking part in #teamtanayjobchallenge :) and hoping to complete all the 5P3B2R Inshaallah!.

why are you taking this challenge?

My dream is to become a Software Developer. And This is the best platform where i can show my coding skills.

something interesting about you?

I love to spend my time in reading books and drawing and coding.

help I need?

It would be good if someone help me clearing my doubts when i get errors in my code,and I want to learn opensource.

how to contact me?


I will keep updating it with real links when done.


I will update my blogs when i complete my projects.