Sai Karthik P

Hi! I am Sai Karthik. Let me walk you through my intro, projects and blogs.


I am a ReactJS enthusiast and passionate about Front-End Web Development

why are you taking this challenge?

I need a job. I want to learn ReactJS and develop good and working projects.

something interesting about you?

I have a great love for singing and playing keyboard.

help I need?

It would be good if someone helps me our when I am stuck/have doubts while working on projects.

how to contact me?


Not a lot of projects are done. I will keep updating it with real links when done.

My projects:


description Dummy Description.

stack Made in React with hooks and context. This is written in typescript. Backend is powered by Express and MongoDB.

hosted link

github link

another project




same as projects, I will keep updating my blogs as and when done.

why I liked GraphQL over REST?

description I will write something really nice here so that you feel like reading my blog.