Hi! I am Shraddha Gami , pursuing my M-tech from DA-IICT Gandhinagar I want to learn React and GraphQL. I am currently doing my internship in treebo hotels.


I am avid book reader.

why are you taking this challenge?

I need a JOB in July 2020. I got placed in treebo in college placements but due to covid-19 company has fired lot of employees and tech lead told us that now their is very low chances of interns to get converted to job. I want to learn new technologies while working with some well versed people who would help me to grow further.

something interesting about you?

Always curious to learn new things

help I need?

Will let you know

how to contact me?


not a lot of projects are done. I will keep updating it with real links when done.

My projects:

Twitter Data Analysis

Sentiment Analysis, Most retweeted tweets, Most influential followers, most used hashtags regarding brand/product.


Coming soon

why I like python

Python is a dynamically-typed language. Python code is English-like therefore code becomes much more readable and simpler.