Abhinav Reddy

Hey!, I am learning to be create and innovative through constant and deliberate learning, checkout my profile and let me know how I can improve better. TIA.


I am a 2019 graduate from CSE dept., I’m learning UI and UX from IDF, as a part of this I have worked for BYJU’s to learn what and how users expect from technology. I’m working on MEAN stack as an Intern at T Works by Govt. of Telangana, developing a sourcing application.

why are you taking this challenge?

I need a Job after this internship and also improve my programming ability. I want to use this oppurtunity to learn and explore the tech world with the help of humble and honest mentors.

something interesting about you?

I’m a Fitness enthusiast, Runner, an Aquascaper, I’m Learning constantly and also an Environmental activist. “If I don’t create something new then I’m not human”- is what I believe in.

help I need?

I have already explored AngularJs and Flask, now I need help with understanding how MERN stack is structred for medium and large scale applications and also how to integrate custom ML and website using Microsoft Azure and AWS.

how to contact me?


My projects:

Portfolio Website (New)

Description Everyone in the creative field must have a portfolio website to showcase their work and experience, I’m not a very experienced one but I do believe that it is necessary no matter the experience. I have played with the flex box and learned ways to make a website responsive within a limited time now.

Stack I wanted to keep it simple, so, no framework. It is made responsive through hard code using Flex-Box.

Github link

Website link

Another Todo App (New)

Description My Internship was into AngularJs stack and I wanted to explore ReactJs of MERN stack, I thought to learn GraphQL, ApolloClient as well. Once I made the app with CRUD functionalities, also wanted to explore authentication side to implement my own authentication system and I added authentiation to this website using JWT, I used two tokens, one for generating new tokens and remembering the user on the device, and other for sending requests from client, I’ve read some articles and watched some videos on better ways to authenticate a user and use tokens without compromising privacy and security. Now, this coud be my boilerplate code for any ReactJs website.

Stack MERN stack (ReactJs, GraphQL, Apollo client, NodeJs, ExpressJs, MongoDB), JsonWebToken, plain HTML and CSS.

Github link

Website link


Internship at T Works

Description After working as a BDA at BYJU’S I felt like I was missing something in my life and then I decided to pursue the career in my field of study no matter how hard it is to become a good developer. I aapplied for an intership and learned a lot in very short span of time with the help of my mentor at workplace, I have put together most of my experiences and learnings in this blog.

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