Soham Karandikar

Hi! I am Soham. Let me walk you through my intro, projects and blogs. 🙂


I am kind of an introvert. I like to express my thoughts through computers. I started programming because I thought it was elegant! 🤓

Why are you taking this challenge?

After 10th Boards, I wanted to get an internship. I want to learn and grow as a developer.

Something interesting about you?

I love to play Minecraft and am pretty good at building (in the game 😅).

Help I need?

I would like help in designing mobile views for websites. I can do it, just not very good at it.

How to contact me?


 1. Furry World
=> This is a site that I made for my fathers business. It uses HTML, CSS (Stylus) and JavaScript. For the gallery section, I have use Firebase Storage. You can find the code on Github

 2. Mulyankan - Check Exam Papers Online
=> In recent times, teachers need to check students papers online. These are in PDF form and many pdf editors out there are usually paid or too hard to use. This app tries to make the process easier by providing an easy drag and drop interface and ability to download the checked paper as PDF or save it temporarily as a JSON file! I’ve used Mozilla’s pdfjs library and Fabric.js to create it. You can find the code on Github.


The blog is up! You can find it at my Portfolio.

I will soon start posting on it! 🙌