Hi! I am Sandeep , Currently working as a Software Engineer at Capgemini . I love learning new technologies, sharpening my skills and solving DS/Algo problems while listening to Spotify.


I love to read, code , play and listen to music. Also way too interested in start-ups.

why are you taking this challenge?

I need a good JOB ASAP(product based company/early stage funded startup). I want to learn new technologies while working with some well versed people who would help me to grow further.

something interesting about you?

I am way too optimistic. No matter how bad the situation is, good music and good food always cheer me up.

help I need?

Creating a full stack application, and learning specifics like Authentication, Load Balancing , Scalability etc.

how to contact me?


Created a lot of projects in Java/Spring -

  • trello-clone, bookStoreApplication , movieSongDatabase , bankingApplication, Payrollgenerator

My projects:


description Created backend for a database of Movies and its Songs stack Java | Spring Boot | SQL

hosted link

github link


description BookStoreApplication which works as a simple e-commerce application for books.

stack Spring Boot | Java | SQL | Angular

github link


I will add more once Iā€™m done with my blog


why I like spring boot

description I love the simplicity, and easy configuration of building a backend with REST api from scratch.