Sujoy Saha

Hi! Myself Sujoy Saha, a javascript developer, currently working in Cognizant as a LIMS consultant.


I had graduated in 2018. My stream was ECE. My coding journey hadn’t started smooth. I had literally struggled in coding in most part of my college and even started thinking about non-technical job. And then Javascript happend. It gave me confidence, belief that I can also build things. I made Golazo and got my first job with it. Now The sailor is on the voyage of knowing the unknowing.

why are you taking this challenge?

I want to build some cool stuffs.

something interesting about you?

Business. Football. Cricket. Politics. Social Issue - A good speaker and a better listener.

help I need?

It would be nice to get some guidance on my Projects. Specially in architecture part.

how to contact me?


Movie Battle - let’s see who is the real movie guru

description It’s an online Doubleplayer game.

  1. First Player will create/join a room.
  2. The game will start once the room is full.
  3. Player will search and select a movie.
  4. The first decimal digit of the IMDB rating will be player’s score of the round.
  5. The top scorer after 3 round, will be the winner.
  6. Player can also challenge for a rematch.

stack Made in React with hooks and context. It’s built on Next.js with and styled with Tailwind css.

hosted link github link


same as projects, I will keep updating my blogs as and when done.