Swastika Yadav

Hi! I am Swastika Yadav let me walk you through my journey so far.


I’m pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering who is passionate about coding and creating something out of it. I’m pretty good at Web Development and programming in some languages like python, C, C++, PHP. But Front-end Development and Web Designing excites me more than anything.

why are you taking this challenge?

This is a great opportunity to learn and implement skills. I’d love to explore myself and strive beyond my limits to create the best out of me. I’m really looking forward for this challenge and expand my vision.

something interesting about you?

I just love to recreate and redesign fashion, I’m obsessed(not in a harmful manner) with garments and accessories so always try to do something creative with that stuff. Getting a subtle hair color, making doodles, trying new food, and exploring the surroundings makes me happy and feel alive.

help I need?

Being an undergraduate, I do not have much experience in building projects at this level. All my projects are on a personal level. I’d be obliged if someone can help me with deploying my blogs and projects (which I’m going to write/build for the challenge).

how to contact me?


These are my old projects. I’ll update the projects for this challenge soon.

My projects:

Junk File organizer


stack Made with python 3. Module used:- pathlib (A python module which provides various classes representing file system paths with semantics.)

hosted link (Project is not hosted, I’ll do it soon.)

github link

Shopping site

description A fully functional e-commerce site.

stack Made with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and SQL.

hosted link (Project is not hosted, I’ll do it soon.)

github link


I’ll Update once the blogs are done.