Hey, I’m Rajiv. I’m a final year student persuing BSc. Electronics from Delhi University.


Yeah right, I’m not a CS student, but after exploring many subjects and fields I found that coding is the thing which I can do tirelessly and with fun. I learned Javascript on my own and currently using React for my projects. Currently I’m doing a full time internship in a saas organisation as a Frontend Engineer (Reactjs) Beside this I’m learning nodejs

why are you taking this challenge?

I’m looking for opportunities which could challenge my skills and where I can grow both proffesionaly and personally. And I fell this is a good platform which will give exposure to participants. And this challenge is totally based on work (projects) and skills, so no certificate and degree are needed which is suitable in my case.

something interesting about you?

Before starting coding, I’ve studied psycology, and I’ve wrote a research paper in this field which got recognised at national level. Also I’m a football player. And die hard Avengers fan.

help I need?

I’m implementing some of my ideas, but facing issues in designing the architecture of the app.

how to contact me?


coming soon…


Not started yet. Will update on weekend